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Drawing your attention to laminate

Laminate flooring may not be for everyone, it’s true, but could it work well in your home? The only way to know for sure is to assess the characteristics of this material with your own specific requirements for what you need in a floor covering. While all floor coverings have some similar features, there are some specifics that make one stand out about the rest. With this material, you’ll get an excellent combination of charming appearances and durability that lasts for many years, even in some of the busiest homes.

Cash Carpet & Tile offers a great selection of flooring materials and services for a complete flooring experience you’ll love. We have more than 25 years in the business and we’re family-owned and worthy of your trust. We’re willing to prove that to you when you visit our showroom in Lecanto, FL. From there, we currently serve the communities of Lecanto, Inverness, Hernando, Crystal River, Homosassa, Beverly Hills, Ingles, and Dunnellon and we’d love the opportunity to serve you. With complete dedication to the 100% satisfaction of our customers, you’ll quickly see how we not only serve customers but repeat customers as well.

Facts you need to know about laminate

You may or may not be aware that laminate was the very first floor covering to offer the wood look in the flooring industry. For those who wanted the look without the maintenance and permanency, this material made an excellent alternative to the real this, as it does to this day. Since then, however, laminate has now taken on the appearance of tile and stone as well, to give you plenty of options to choose from. Within each category of look-alikes, there are even more options, with variances in grain patterns, veining, hues and colors, and grout lines. It’s so easy to customize your look in this line.
Modern laminate flooring in Hernando, FL from Cash Carpet & Tile

Gain durability without sacrificing style

The structure of laminate not only allows for supreme durability, even with high-energy families but also for ease of installation. The thick, rigid boards simply click and lock together, needing no glues, staples, or nails, so the entire process is quickly finished. The result is a floor that you can walk on as soon as your installers click the last board into place. It’s important to know when choosing a product for your floors, that the thicker materials are always more durable. Warranties often follow suit and cover you for longer periods of time with thinker boards.

Reimagine your home

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