If you have a hardwood floor, you – no doubt – appreciate timeless style. After all, isn’t that the reason you got the hardwood floor in the first place?

But there are some trends in today’s hardwood floors that are very different from the hardwood flooring trends of yesteryear. Here are some things to consider for today’s hardwood floors:

  • Dark Floors: light wood colors – such as oak & maple – are out. The darker the wood color, the trendier it is. Cherrywood has reddish undertones, whereas walnut has dark brown undertones. Some wood floors are even being stained an onyx black color!
  • Thick as Two Planks: thin wood slats are out. Thick wood planks are in. Some wood planks are as wide as 7 inches (compared to the 2-inch wood planks of yesteryear). The wider wood planks have the benefit of making the room look larger, roomier, and more dramatic. Bonus: install the wide wood planks in a diagonal direction to create an Art Deco-type look!
  • Distress: uber-clean wood floors are no longer de rigueur for the trendy home. The distressed look – whether done by hand or done by machine – is very necessary for the trendy homeowner!
  • Get Exotic: hardwood floors don’t have to be boring anymore. Getting an exotic wood – like tigerwood or teak – can satisfy the inner world traveler in you. The most common exotic woods are from South America (mostly Peru) and Africa.
  • Get Sustainable: some of the trendiest hardwood floors aren’t hardwood at all – they’re made of bamboo (which always grows in surplus, and regenerates pretty quickly), cork, and reclaimed wood (the most common reclaimed wood comes from palettes & wine barrels). Because no two reclaimed floors are exactly alike, this “dare to be different” look is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your need to be stylish!
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